Nordictrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill For Home

Nordictrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill For Home
01 Feb

NordicTrack has known for years as a manufacturer that produce the best exercise equipment’s. The manufacturer is based on Logan, Utah, USA. After the acquisition by Icon Health & Fitness in 1998, NordicTrack became even more popular. The most popular products of course are treadmills. In 2009, they became a pioneer in creating incline trainer. One of them is NordicTrack commercial 1750. This type of product had already in the market for several years, but they upgrade some of the features every year.

This Commercial 1750 NordicTrack in 2016 has 3.8 CHP motor with 22 inchesx60 inches running surface. This machine has 7 inches of full color touch screen display that already can let you access the web and 38 built-in apps for workouts. You can also attach with your android or iPod for additional apps. The bracket to hold your tab located above the display screen about your eye level with adjustable angle. iFit technology is built that means you can do Google Maps workouts. The cushioning is also can be customize.

This NordicTrack commercial 1750 have a lifetime frame, motor, and deck warranty, 5 years warranty for parts and electronics, and 2 years of labor warranty. The machine can be inclined 15% or up to 3% decline. With 20”x60” running surfaces dimension, you can have a wider room to move, but it also means the machine need more space. But, you don’t need to worry since it’s foldable, you just can fold it after using. With weight of 315 lbs, it’s not really portable. The new technology of the WhisperQuietTM deck minimizes the sound steps during workout.

Further on NordicTrack Commercial 1750

NordicTrack C 1750 can be at top speed of 12 mph that can be ideal for runner or interval training. The Runner’s Flex cushioning can be set on or off. When it’s on, you can reduce the physical shock around 30%. There are two fans to cool your body while exercising. The big one AutoBreezeTM located near your body in the console, the other one is between the uprights. The user weight capacity is up to 300 lbs. You can also use the wireless heart rate monitor with the accurate Dual CardioGripTM monitor sensor.

You can keep your towel or other items too on the accessory tray between uprights. With the iFit LIVE in NordicTrack 1750, you can download any new workout online. You can also map the trails, so you can see the actual track around the world. The 3.8 CHP motor is quieter with bigger case for even less vibration. It’s also have longer lasting power. It has dual cooling fans to reduce the heat production. This motor is included in the lifetime warranty. If you raise the incline, you can burn more calories. If you decline it, you can target specific groups of muscle.

But, there is warning in NordicTrack commercial 1750, especially for Californians. This machine can contain chemicals that can be categorized as carcinogen, can cause reproductive harm, or birth deflect by the State government. You can use the free consultation we offer before buying the suitable products for you. Our fitness consultants can also answer your questions about set up and assembly, payment options, delivery, or warranty. But, assembly and setting price can be quite high price for additional pay.

The machine also offers a numeric keypad and quick start button to make it easier to access. With this product from NordicTrack, you can choose your plan from burning calories, losing weight, time or pace focus. You can also set programs you want like calorie burning, interval, and preset distance, but you can also choose manual mode and create your own programs. Besides built in internet browser that already mentioned before, there is also built-in audio port and speakers that you will love.

This NordicTrack commercial 1750 can’t be called as beginner machine. It has quite complex additional features, so the price is quite high. If you want cheaper product with less functionality because you are still a starter; you can choose ProForm treadmill ZT6. Please see other best treadmill product reviews in It has a 2.5 CHP motor, so it’s not designed for marathon. The track is only 20”x55”, so it’s shorter. It also can be folded. It has 18 built in programs for speed, calorie, incline, and intensity. It can be inclined only up to 10% and up to 10 mph.

The cushioning can also reduce joints stress up to 28%. The heat rate monitor is built in the handlebars, so you must grip it. The machine also has Intermix Acoustic 2.0 speakers that are compatible for your iPod to. The downsides are there is no workout fan, so you can be cool down during the workout. There is also no iFit feature. The warranty is a lifetime for frame only, 25 years for motor, and only a year for parts and labor. If you want quite same specifications with the ZT6, but with iFit feature, then you may consider Proform performance 400i treadmill

With iFit feature, besides you can check your track in Google Maps, you can also hold competitions. You can race against other iFit users. You can go on 5K, 10K, or even marathon. But, iFit need a regular subscription fee, whereas there other competitor program that is for free. You can choose any product that really you need, but with almost $1000 difference in price, there is no wonder that NordicTrack commercial 1750 is still far more superior. The durability is far greater with longer warranty also.

This NordicTrack had passed over 2 months of testing, over 1 million times of 504 hours of pound testing with force of 475 lbs, 1000 hours of consoles testing in software, white noise, static charges and functionality, and 200 hours of human testing before introduced to the market. The manufacturer made sure that the machine is really in the best quality and durable. It’s a gym quality machine that you can bring on your house. Even if you are bored, you can browse anything, watch any video clips, movie or just listen to the music

Those are all about NordicTrack commercial 1750. It’s the best machine for everyone. It is suitable for you who want any built in programs, or you can customize your own programs. You can also add other program as you like by download it. You can keep tab on your progress. You also can compete online with other users. You can also experience real like tracks as if you do your workout outside. You can choose to incline or decline your track, or soften and harden the track. It’s a machine with much functionality.

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